Birdman Cash Money

Don’t call him Birdman Jr, family drama leads to family breakup. Lil Wayne lyrically 

expresses his opposed feelings towards his boss/father figure Birdman in his recently 

dropped mixtape Sorry 4 The Wait 2. Lil Waynes 17 track mixtape lashes out at Birdman 

for neglecting his album and owing him money amongst many other things. Fans and 

celebrities have used twitter as an outlet to express their approval and disapproval of the 

mixtape. If that is not enough, Lil Wayne remixed very popular CoCo song by switching 

the lyrics to say, “Now I dont want no problem, I just want my money. Ain’t gotta hold 

no conversation or my luggage, Tell whoever’s countin that I’m on a hundred, Birdman 

Jr., more like Ugly duckling."
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