The Oscars Sounds of Music

What separates the Academy Awards from any other award show are the many elegant musical performances, however this year was not that spectacular. 

Lady Gaga wows some with The Sound of Music medley

Every year, artists perform the nominated hits for the Best Original Song and more, and on this year’s bill were: John Legend and Common, Lady Gaga, Rita Ora, Tim McGraw, Adam Levine, Tegan & Sara, the Lonely Island and Jennifer Hudson.
The show began with an original song, called “Moving Pictures,” by host Neil Patrick Harris. The musical number, written by the Oscar-winning writers for Frozen’s “Let it Go,” was brilliantly written, but it failed to be as memorable as Harris would have hoped. Adam Levine and Rita Ora both gave bland performances; the Maroon 5 front man sang “Lost Stars” from Begin Again, while the latter performed Beyond the Lights’ “Grateful.” Tegan & Sara brought a little bit of energy and confusion to the Dolby Theatre stage as they performed the catchy and catchy tune, “Everything is Awesome” with The Lonely Island.  The boring tide began to turn when Jennifer Hudson took the stage.  The Oscar winner, sang a music tribute, I can't let go to all of our lost actors, and film creatives from 2014. JHud, with her slicked down pixie cut and black classy gown captivated the audience with her soulful and powerful voice.

Legend and Common gave another moving performance of “Glory” from the critically-acclaimed film Selma. It would later go on to take home the Oscar for Best Original Song.
Lady Gaga held her own by belting out a classic medley from the film The Sound of Music. Her performance garnered a standing ovation and kudos from the original Lady of Rodgers and Hammerstein, Julie Andrews.

A country music highlight of the night came from Tim McGraw. The country singer gave a heartfelt performance of “I’m Not Gonna Miss You,” from the documentary Glen Campbell: I’ll Be Me. 
The documentary is centered on the country singer’s farewell tour as he struggled with Alzheimer’s disease. The powerful and emotional song details Campbell’s life and how the disease affected him. The chorus emphasized the fact that the disease will bring Campbell to a point where he will not miss anyone because he will not remember anything. This was the final song of his legendary career, and it was only fitting to have another country superstar, such as McGraw, to perform it.
The Academy Awards might have had some underwhelming performances this year, but luckily John Legend, Common, JHud, Lady Gaga and Tim McGraw saved the night.

-Jesse Lyles
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