Were you watching the Grammys tonight? From the flawless fashion and the amazing serenading performances, the Grammys continued to not disappoint those watching in the audience and viewers at home. But, that’s enough about the overall show, let’s talk about the returning hosts, Mr. “Ladies Love” himself LL Cool J and the some of the stunning presenters of the night.
LL Cool J returned back to the Grammy stage this year dressed in his usual yet debonair suit, bowtie, and matching flat cap ensemble. As always, LL Cool J provided an exciting and classy field to the stage, especially being that the only time he brought flavor to the show was when he came out performing a quick number to his classic “Going Back to Cali”. Kudos to Mr. James, you did a great job tonight.

Although the Grammys main course tend to be the performers and the winners, one cannot forget to remember the ones who deliver them to us, the presenters. Taylor Swift, the first presenter of the night, shook things up in her pretty blue dress as she presented the award for “Best New Artist”. The camera just couldn’t avoid the always jolly performer as she just couldn’t seem to stay in her seat rocking to just about every performance of the night.

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