Million Dollar Babies: Age Appropriate Fashion?

Are the days of kids dressing like kids over? Million dollar babies, North West and Blue Ivy Carter show us it is never too early to build your wardrobe.

At her fathers Adidas fashion show last Thursday, North West could have been mistaken for one of the models. The 18 month old tot rocked a black ensemble topped with a bulletproof vest. Age appropriate? Thats questionable.
One things sure, her parents approve. Many times before, we have seen North and her fashionable mother Kim K in matching designer duds. Kim Kardashian revealed details about her fashionable daughters style last August in Lucky magazine. According to this proud mama, She doesnt like pink or purple she likes greys, creams, oatmeal colors, and black.Every now and then we might see North with a pop of color, like her adorable little red Air Yeezys. North Wests style is far from frilly.

On the other side of the childrens style spectrum, theres no question about Blue Ivy Carters girly-girl style. Definitely age appropriate for a 3 year old. Rarely do you see Blue and her mother, Queen Bey, matching. Blue has a style of her own, from Mary Janes to precious baby doll dresses. Her princess-like frocks remind us of how little girls used to dressed with an updated feel.

Which little princess style are you tippin' your tiara towards?

-Bria Board
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