Neil PACKAGE Harris?

Neil Patrick Harris is getting mixed reviews for his first attempt at hosted the 87th annual Oscars. This morning, on Live, Harris clarified to Mike and Kelly that he didn't add any socks to his undies but he did have to double up and have an additional whitey added so the audience "couldn't tell his religion." Apparently going uno had a see through effect.

Last night, as expected it took the 4-time Tony Awards host only about 5 seconds to break into song on the 87th Academy Awards. 

In his tribute to the best picture nominees throughout the years, Jack Black and Anna Kendrick joined in on his flamboyant musical production that kicked off the show. 
 Throughout the evening, Harris continued to introduce presenters and performances with corny descriptions that didn't quite hit. How about when he pretended not to know who Steve Carrell was, then they both stared at each other with a pregnant pause that delivered nothing? Patrick Harris' transitions from one moment to another were short of disastrous, it was as if he hadn't quite seen the speech or number that proceeded his next intro, perhaps he hadn't, but someone should have put in a quirky line to give him a boost.

On the positive side, when Harris made a comment on the level of applause for David Oyelowo, who was snubbed from a best actor nod, Harris quipped, "Now you like him." This moment was one of his funnier lines which played well with the audience.  

Fashion wise, Harris did keep everyone guessing with his numerous wardrobe changes. One particular brave look, had him on stage in nothing but his tighty whiteys. We could see Harris works out, stays physically fit, and perhaps was a little cold sporting only his skivvies?

We give Neal Patrick Harris a C+ for his hosting duties, he did a fairly good job interacting with the audience and keeping people's interest during the show that lasted well over 3 hours. Charm, wit, fashion sense and the gift of song are all attributes needed in a good award show host. Hopefully Neil Patrick Harris' performance won't be so predictable and a little more polished his next go around. 
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