UPDATE: Defending Zendaya

On the Oscar Fashion Police show,  E! Host Giuliana Rancic hurled insults to 18-year old Zendaya saying her locs hairstyle “look like she smells like patchouli oil and weed.”
Since, the ladies of "The View" reminded Rancic she isn't Joan Rivers and shouldn't try to be. Indie Arie who Zendaya quoted in her letter on Gram has defended the disney star, as well.  To top it off Kelly Osborne threatened to quit E! Fashion Police show tweeting,  “Im giving everyone involved 24 hours to make it right or the world will hear how I really feel. contactually Im not allowed to speak!” and clarified, “I DID NOT MAKE THE WEED COMENT. I DO NOT CONDONE RACISM SO AS A RSULT OF THIS IM SEREIOULSY QUESTIONONIG STAYING ON THE SHOW!”

Take a look at Giuliana's taped apology

Rancic's quips amounted to saying derogatory comments about Zendaya's hair. Patchouli oil is a scent that was commonly worn by hippies in the 60’s in lieu of taking a bath and weed, well perhaps you are familiar with the scent. Either way it’s not quite a compliment on fashion’s biggest night. Perhaps Rancic was trying to summon her inner Joan Rivers.

The 18-year old Disney star didn’t take the smack down in the face, she took her fight to social media, blasted Rancic’s rancid comments and fired shots.

Giuliana Rancic responded first with a tweet of her own offering an apology and turned the 
stench of weed and patchouli oil into a shady, compliment about bohemian chic. That didnt go over well with fans or Osborne. Well Giuliana, Zendaya just made a citizen’s arrest. Sometimes the only policing the fashion cops should do, is on themselves.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                


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