Ri's Bazaar Shark Swim

RiRi shows she's a good girl turned bada$ as the sexy sea bound siren swims with sharks for her latest Bazaar magazine cover.

A self proclaimed obsessed fan of the flick Jaws, and of reality TV Rihanna braved the cool water, a dozen shark dives and three wardrobe changes.

Photographer Norman Jean Roy captured the aquarian awesomeness in the Tampa tank, where Rihanna swam with three, 8-foot sand tiger sharks. Giving the shark a mouthful, Ri is on fleek in a gold Chanel halter swim suit and a pair of Giuseppe's. Not known to scale back on the glamour, she donned a gold Balmain jumpsuit on the cover of the March issue. 

During the interview with Laura Brown, Rihanna says this shoot was the most adventurous thing she's done to date. While the island girl tries to avoid the sharks in life, she admits to having her share of experiences with them. 

More of the Barbados bombshell's interview in Bazaar

Check out behind the scenes footage of the shoot, where there were several shark wranglers on the set in case any of the fish wanted to take a bite out of Ri. No worries, the mermaid was not left to fin for herself.

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