The Real MVP’s Of The Red Carpet

The fashion ballots for the top fleek red carpet slayers are in. Many stars brought their A game but there were some who deserved an MVP award. Our top fleekness awards go to…

Rosamund Pike, who proved the red carpet wasn’t ready for the red hot bomb she dropped in her Givenchy gown. Amazing Amy may be a psychotic killer but Rosamund is a fashion killer.

Zoe Saldana was one hot mama in her pale pink Versace dress. She made walking the carpet three months after having twins look like the next trend.

Jennifer Lopez looked like our fairy godmother granting us the wish of being in her presence. Her Elie Saab nude gown was to die for and we almost did.

Lupita Nyong’o said forget diamonds! Pearls were her best friend at the Oscars…about 6000 of them. Her Calvin Klein custom dress screamed “I own this carpet”.

Three S’s described Reese Witherspoon’s Tom Ford look: Simple, Sophisticated, and Serve. Need we say more?

Congrats ladies! You proved it’s effortless to dominate the carpet. 
-Chya Staton
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