Xtina does Brit and Cher

Impersonations may be a hidden talent for singer/songwriter Christina Aguilera. The Voice coach appeared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and played a game of  Wheel of Musical Impressions. The first up Christina landed on Cher to sing the “Folgers Coffee Jingle." Aguilera’s impersonation of Cher was amazing and spot on.

Next up Aguilera landed on long time rival Britney Spears' version of This Little Piggy." She laughed until it was time to impersonate. Aguilera performed “This Little Piggy” to the tune of Britney Spears debut hit “Baby One More Time.” The impersonation was EPIC. The audience went crazy and Jimmy Fallon gave a standing ovation telling Aguilera “I love that so much, that was fantastic. It's safe to say Christina Aguilera is the impersonation queen. 
-Jasmine Johnson

Check the video below.

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