ATL Deux

After obsessing over ATL in 2006, audiences wondered where would Rashad (T.I.), Ant (Evan Ross), New New (Lauren London), Esquire (Jackie Long), Teddy (Jason Weaver), and Brooklyn (Albert Daniels) end up. After rumors swirled about a sequel in the works, T.I. recently confirmed via Instagram that ATL 2 is going to happen. 

Although details on the movie's release aren't available now, the fact the movie has been confirmed is enough for now. Hopefully, the movie will be filled with as many legendary quotes as the first and audience questions will be answered. Questions like will the crew still be doing skate routines at Cascade? Did New-New and Rashad get married? 

ATL came in at #3 in theaters when it was first released coming in at $11.5 billion. With the anticipation of the sequel, let's see if it does better or worse. Or we'll be asking Rashad for our money back.
-Asha Stewart

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