Borland: Health over Wealth?

 Health over wealth? San-Francisco's star rookie linebacker Chris Borland retires after one season in the NFL. The first year line backer tells reporters he wants to live a healthy life and that football could hinder those opportunities. Borland told ESPN,
 "I'm concerned that if you wait 'til you have symptoms, it's too late. ... There are a lot of unknowns. I can't claim that X will happen. I just want to live a long, healthy life, and I don't want to have any neurological diseases or die younger than I would otherwise." 
The retirement announcement comes at a bad time for the San-Francisco 49ers seeing as their linebacker , Patrick Willis, is also retiring over a toe injury. Despite the fact that both linebackers have left the team, 49'ers have stated their support for Borland and wish him the best.

According to sources from Forbes Magazine, more than 30% of all NFL players eventually suffer from Alzheimer's disease or Dementia. Also more then 70 ex-NFL players have ended up being diagnosed with chronic traumatic encephalopathy. These are all factors that lured the rookie sensation away from the game and pushed him towards chasing other dreams. 

Brendan Cole
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