Coffee and Compassion

After years of racial tension, could the solution be in a cup of coffee?

Starbucks chief executive Howard Schultz believes a simple phrase can make the difference. Starting this week, Schultz is urging all of his baristas to write the slogan “Race Together” on every coffee, and then explain the need for compassion amongst all races.

Sounds like the chief executive had great intentions, but this may be the worst campaign idea ever. Who has time to listen to a speech while blenders, timers, and chatting customers go off in the background?

Instead of free words of wisdom, Starbucks may want to consider a free shot of espresso to regain the customers lost by this tone-deaf campaign. Social media timelines have been taken over by Starbucks-bashing. 

Many believe Schultz is attempting to capitalize off racial tensions in America. 
The constant criticism may be the reason the CEO decided to delete his twitter account.

-Jordan Lundy

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