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Empire's finale was definitely a must watch! The 2-hour finale held 16.7 million people in the first hour then over 17-million viewers captive Wednesday night. As the Lyon empire transitioned into its next stage, Luscious finally announced his heir *drumroll* Jamal Lyon! Out of all his sons this was one of the biggest surprises to audiences.

The finale was filled with many more jaw-dropping moments. We have recapped the top 10 moments from the epic finale.
10. The Punch Heard Around the World
At the beginning of the episode, Hakeem publicly embarrassed his father through song. Feeling like a man, Hakeem and his crew stormed off but not before facing Luscious. Luscious showed Hakeem who was boss with a knock out punch, sending Hakeem straight to the ground.

9. Writer’s Block
Luscious is having trouble writing new material for the rebirth of his rap career. Surprisingly, he calls upon Jamal to help him get through his writer’s block. The two entered a sing-off which resulted in an amazing song, as well as, the start of the healing process of their relationship.

8. Jamal’s Dark Side
Jamal almost caught a murder charge. After musically bonding with his father, Jamal picked 
up some extreme testosterone and went crazy on Baretti. He threatened to throw Baretti off the balcony of the top of a skyscraper building if Baretti did not sign back the rights to some of Luscious’ music.

6. Luscious Given a Second Chance
If you thought the devil was going to die, guess again. Luscious found out he did not have ALS, he actually has Myasthenia gravis, an autoimmune neuromuscular disease.
Luscious shall live…yay?

7. Hakeem and Anika Hooked Up
Body on top of body! OMG! Looks like Hakeem and Anika got some sweet sweaty revenge.

5. Luscious’ Secrets
After taking heavy meds, Luscious is a deep sleep. While dreaming, he sees the ghost of Bunky sitting on his bed. In a mad rant, Luscious exposes all of his secrets in his bedroom. Too bad he was unaware that Cookie was in the room as well. Enraged by Luscious’ confessions, Cookie contemplates killing Luscious in his sleep with a pillow.

4. Jamal Given the Keys To the Kingdom
Hakeem maybe in charge of the Empire fleet, Andre may be in charge of the Empire foundation, but Jamal got the keys to the kingdom. Luscious made the big announcement that Jamal would be the next in line to run the Lyon Empire.

3. Cookie vs. Boo Boo Kitty
The showdown was amazing. Cookie gave Anika a run for her money but Anika showed Cookie she was more than just a trophy.

2. RIP Vernon
Vernon visits Andre to mend their relationship at his home. The two get into a full out furniture-breaking brawl. Just when you think it’s over Rhonda comes in in a panic and bustsVernon over the head with a candle stick (sounds like Clue). That’s right, RHONDA KILLED VERNON. As Andre tries to call the police on his wife, she drops the baby bomb. Girl, please…

1. Luscious Gets Arrested and His Vow
Looks like someone blabbed to the feds. Luscious is arrested for the murder of Bunky moments before he is set to perform his new song. The feds can no longer find their star witness either. Who blabbed? Turns out it was Vernon, DEAD Vernon. Finally, the season closes with Luscious’ vow from his jail cell.
“Game time, bitches.”
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