ESPN Anchor Disses Iggy Azalea: Nick Young Responds


Nick Young has some words for ESPN anchor Robert Flores. The other day, Flores made an inappropriate joke about Nick’s girlfriend, rapper Iggy Azalea. “We learned that, according to the Lakers’ Nick Young, a dolphin recently tried to kill him,” he said. “So, Nick, while dolphins are trying to kill you, your girlfriend is trying to kill hip-hop. Let’s call it even, okay?”
Of course, Flores’ comment began to trend on social media, but it did not sit well with Young. The Los Angeles Laker took to twitter to release his frustration. “@RoFloESPN so off the fact you that was cool to say, don’t sit right with me so we got a problem,  your job is to talk about sports not what me and my chick got going on.  I’m pretty sure we going to run into each other soon,” Young tweeted.
Young’s response did not startle Flores; in fact, he had another wise-cracking response: "Numbers never lie. If Swaggy P takes a swing at me, there's a 70% chance he's going to miss". It’s only a matter of time before Flores gets hit with a quick suspension from ESPN, that’s if Young doesn’t get ahold of him first.

Jesse Lyles
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