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Denise Huskins

Drama brewed in California when one 29-year old acted as a real life "Gone Girl". Denise Huskins coined the nickname after she and her boyfriend, Aaron Quinn staged Huskins' kidnapping much like the character, Amy Dunne, in the 2014 film.

Amy Dunne Character from movie, Gone Girl
Quinn waited a full 12 hours to alert authorities after his girlfriend’s alleged abduction. When he eventually called police, he told them that Huskins had been forcefully taken from the couple's shared home in Mare Island at 2 am. More suspicions invested for investigators, evidence to support Quinn's story couldn't be found. 

Suspicions became more suspicious when the FBI received a voice recording believed to be from Huskins. The recording said:

                   'My name is Denise Huskins. I am kidnapped, otherwise I'm fine.'

The next development in the case was when the San Francisco Chronicle received an anonymous email from a person claiming to be holding Huskins. The emailed explained that she would be returned safely the next day.

Huskins randomly popped up at her mother's house, claiming her abductors dropped her off. She then walked five blocks to her father’s house who also not home. Huskins then called her father with very little emotion letting him know she was okay.

House where the alleged kidnapping took place
After her return, the FBI had a difficult time catching up with her, Quinn or her family. When Huskins finally spoke with authorities she was accompanied by a lawyer. The couple is suspected to be in hiding now, scared the FBI will charge them for the elaborate hoax. Lesson is: Never kid about a kidnapping.

-Dominique Battle
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