Update: Harrison Ford "Battered" but "ok" after Plane Crash

Son sends out tweet that his dad is ok!

8:00PM According to LiveATC.net, Harrison Ford made a distress call into Santa Monica air traffic controllers saying he was having engine failure and returning back to the airport before the crash.

7:30PM est Harrison Ford believed to be the pilot on the vintage World War II era plan was breathing and conscious when he was rushed to the hospital. An anonymous source told AP it was indeed Harrison Ford. Golfers on the green where the plane crashed say they witnessed the plane take off.  AP quotes, Jeff Kuprycz, 

"Immediately you could see the engine started to sputter and just cut out, and he banked sharply to the left," he said. "He ended up crashing around the eighth hole." The plane was about 200 feet in the air when it dove for the ground without an explosion.

According to the Associated Press, Harrison Ford was piloting a plane when it crashed on a Los Angeles golf course. TMZ says Ford is in critical condition.
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