Heartbreak Rap

Wiz Khalifa just dropped, "For Everybody," a new track in which he trashes his ex, Amber Rose. The track features Juicy J with the Black and Yellow rapper. 
Isn't it ironic that these rappers know what they were hooking up with in the first place and love them for who they were, but then, get their feelings hurt and are ready to publicly diminish the mother of their child, For Everybody to see.

"I fell in love with a stripper / Funny thing is, I fell back out of love quicker / Bottles be turnin' these
girls into t---- / Instagram be turnin' these wives into h---," the lyrics of the track say. "You all 'bout that money, that s--- that I throw. Just make sure you clean off that pole."
So much for hardcore instead it's heartbreak rap. Guess LL says it best, I need love too.

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