LeBron James is NOT Cool With Being Caught Nearly Nude

LeBron James has butt heads with the media in past, but none is as awkward as what went down over the last two days. Following Sunday's win against the Orlando Magic, some members of the media tried to sneak a picture of LeBron wearing nothing but a towel. 
King James was sitting in his locker room scrolling through his phone, when he noticed a photographer taking a picture of him. He immediately called over a team offical and told the photographer, "that's not cool, man. I don't miss anything."
A similar incident happened again following a loss against the Miami Heat. Two more reporters were seen taking pictures of LeBron while the basketball player was semi-exposed, but were kicked out of the locker room by team officals before he noticed.

Chris Haynes of Cleveland.com says this has been an ongoing issue for the Cleveland Cavalier star all season. "For the last few weeks the public relations staff has been forced to announce that there is no still photography permitted upon entering the locker room," Haynes wrote. "Yet, some continue to snap away at who knows what." "When informed about the removal of two members of the press, all James could do was shake his head in disbelief. It has really reached the point of absurdity."
Lebron has definitely made it clear that anyone trying to catch him slipping will be booted from his palace.

-Jesse Lyles
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