No More Pearly Whites

A wrecking ball seems to have made an appearance in the mouth of Miley Cyrus . The young star took a trip to the dentist where she had not one, but FIVE teeth removed. Instagram pictures courtesy of Cyrus were posted of the freshly removed pearly whites. Poor Miley was not feeling so fresh and in another pic was seen with a gauze filled mouth and ice packs on her swollen cheeks.

Cyrus' best friends were soon at her side to aid the suffering celeb. "'Twas in da best handzzzz doe. Nurse @cheythom & Dr. @stellamaxwell took goooood currrr of me & muah pearly whites," Miley shared with her nearly 17 million Instagram followers in yet another picture after the oral surgery. It seems that one person opted out of being on Miley's team of nurses, Patrick Schwarzenegger. Despite rumors to the contrary, the two are supposedly still together even after he was spotted having a little too much fun during spring break. Relax and take a moment to recover Miley, time heals all wounds.
- Ryan Jordan
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