RhiLease the Album alRhidy!

http://www.lovebscott.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/Screen-Shot-2015-03-25-at-3.03.45-PM.pngBeing a part of the #RihannaNavy is rewarding just as it’s much as it’s stressful. Rewarding in the sense that we at least get a taste of her highly anticipated album #R8, set to drop – well, who knows. Stressful in the sense that she’s teasing us with singles like #BBHMM alongside breath-taking cover art, but not yet dropping her album!  
Rihanna recently dropped R8’s second single, B**** Better Have My Money or #BBHMM (you can thank Twitter for song/album hashtag abbreviations). After scouring through websites for the full song, I found that it is perfect for girl’s night, being cute in V.I.P, or just vibing at home. It has a catchy hook, and an enjoyable bass line.
Listen Here

She dropped the intro and outro song first on the app, Dubsmash, for only 24 hours.  Dubsmash, also used by Rihanna and her bff Melissa (@mdollas11) to promote the single, is an iPhone app that lets you to make videos mouthing the words of pop culture’s recent viral videos, songs, tv shows, movies, or many other random categories.
Now that she’s dropped “Four Five Seconds” and “BBHMM” if she wants us to give her her money, she needs to hurry up and give us her album!
-Asha Stewart

Watch Melissa’s Dubsmash video of #BBHMM here –

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