Top 4 Empire Moments

1) Jamal Got the Keys to the Kingdom
Hakeem maybe in charge of the Empire fleet, Andre may be in charge of the Empire foundation, but Jamal got the keys to the kingdom. Luscious made the big announcement that Jamal would be the next in line to run the Lyon Empire.

 2) Cookie vs. Boo Boo Kitty
The showdown was amazing. Cookie gave Anika a run for her money but Anika showed Cookie she was more than just a trophy.
3) RIP Vernon
Vernon visits Andre to mend their relationship at his home. The two get into a full out furniture-breaking brawl. Just when you think it’s over Rhonda comes in in a panic and busts Vernon over the head with a candle stick (sounds like Clue). That’s right, RHONDA KILLED VERNON. As Andre tries to call the police on his wife, she drops the baby bomb. Girl, please…
4) Luscious Gets Arrested and His Vow
Looks like someone blabbed to the feds. Luscious is arrested for the murder of Bunky moments before he is set to perform his new song. The feds can no longer find their star witness either. Who blabbed? Turns out it was Vernon, DEAD Vernon. Finally, the season closes with Luscious’ vow from his jail cell. “Game time, bitches.”
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