Tran's atlantic trip a Milian miles away.

Instagram Christina Milian

Karrueche Tran takes a girlscation a Milian miles away from her Ex Chris Brown.
Tran and her bestie, Christina Milian say ¿QuĂ© pasa? to a resort in Cancun, Mexico and build castles in the sand. They post some sexy shots of their trip, perhaps wanting to generate some IGealousy and surprise--it gets a response from Breezy.
Mission accomplished!

Instagram Karrueche Tran

Perhaps the trip was to relieve some stress from
being grilled by Ivanyla Vanzant after breaking
her silence in an exclusive interview with OWN’s. 
Before the sit down, Karrueche made it clear to 
OWN producers that she didn’t want to speak 
negatively about her ex-boyfriend Chris Brown. 
Vanzant ignored the request and pressed 
questions that were too much for the 26–year
old model.

 Vanzant prodded about Karrueche’s decision to date the singer knowing that he had brutally beaten Rihanna. She went in with questions about why Tran allowed Brown to come back, even after he cheated on her. That was it, Karrueche’s manager felt that Vanzant had crossed the line too many times and gave them all the boot!

After a few hours, Karrueche calmed down enough to finish the interview and the OWN crew was invited back.

This is just the latest in the Tran Brown saga, the duo can’t seem to keep their names out of the headlines. The baby momma drama began with 30- year old model, Nia Guzman announcing she was the mother of Brown’s secret love child. Initially, Brown planned to keep the child and Guzman secret by giving her a large lump sum of money, but clearly that didn’t work out how he hoped.  Of course this led to another break up between Chris Brown and Karrueche especially since Guzman was Tran's friend. Make that she was her Frenemy.

The Fix my Life with Karrueche Tran airs March 28th at 8pm on OWN.
-Dominique Battle 

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