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When she isn't making history in the world of tennis, Serena Williams still takes the time out to perfect her craft and listen to Beyonce.  She graced Vogue's April cover along with a music video posted on the magazine's website. She remade the video to Beyonce's "7/11"and in it she reminded us why she's the best at, well, everything. 

Serena's "7/11" video was shot in the heart of Florida's Palm Beaches at Ballen Isles Country Club. In her hallway scene, she even had a clip of her apologizing to one of the country club members being goofy in the hallway! Also, the new GoPro versatile camera was used in the video as one of Serena's many endorsements. The camera was mounted onto her tennis racket and can also be worn. 

Like it did for Beyonce, the music video showed a side of the tennis superstar that fans may not always see. In the video, Serena gives literal meaning to the song's lyrics "Smack it, smack it, in the air." She's serving (pun intended), showing off muscle, twirling around in cute tennis outfits, doing hand stands in spandex, and just loving life. 

It's safe to say Serena Williams is at the peak of her career, especially after winning her sixth Australian Open in February. Now excuse me, I'm going to watch Serena smack it in the air for the hundredth time. 
-Asha Stewart

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