Chrissy Teigan Keeps It Real With Self-Love

If you weren't already in love with her personality and gorgeous demeanor, Chrissy Teigan gives us yet another reason to love her and ourselves at the same time. The 29-year-old gave her Instagram followers a more intimate view of herself when she posted a picture sitting cross-legged, showing off her stretch marks.

Chrissy has always been one for promoting self-love and embracing flaws and all. She was once fired from a Forever 21 photo shoot for being "too fat", but her fans appreciated her willingness to embrace her imperfections. One of her followers commented on Chrissy's post saying: 
"Wow thank you for this, you've have boosted my self-esteem Love you @chrissyteigen #SouthAfrica." 

Teigan is not the first celeb to get real with her fans and discuss things like body image. After singer Kelly Clarkson gave birth to her first child River Rose, blogs and tabloids were criticizing her for not losing her baby weight fast enough (8 months post baby birthing). A source told OK Magazine, 

“Kelly loves the way she looks. Kelly doesn't want to be a twig, and her recent weight gain hasn't affected her career. She’s still getting endorsement deals and putting songs out.”

Actress Tina Fey reveals in her book,  "Bossypants", that it's okay to accept yourself for who you are. She writes, 
“If you retain nothing else, always remember the most important rule of beauty, which is: who cares? I would not trade any of these features."

It's okay to have some bodily flaws. More and more celebrities are allowing themselves to be open about how they truly feel about themselves which has in a way started some awareness for "self-love. Who say's that you have to be perfect anyway? What was ever wrong with being perfectly imperfect. Regardless, John Legend doesn't seem to mind. 

Paris Rainey
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