Her Pants Suit Her Just Fine!

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Hillary Clinton has finally confirmed the rumors of a second presidential run.  Although many are curious about her presidential platform, we can’t help but wonder, what will she be wearing this time? Clinton has never been considered the fashionista. Over the years, she has been ridiculed for her lack of style and constant desire to wear pants suits, shoulder pads, scrunchies, and headbands! Her love for the matching colored sets has been an ongoing joke in the media for years. 
During an episode of the "Tonight Show" in 2014, Jimmy Fallon brought up Chelsea Clinton’s  announced pregnancy. He then joked, "If it's a girl, it'll get some of Chelsea's old hand-me-downs, and if it's a boy, it'll get some of Hillary's." Though it may have been what many were thinking, the audience booed the joke.
In the opening sketch on SNL, Kate McKinnon impersonates Hillary for the third time. The scene shows the former FLOTUS preparing her campaign video with the help of an assistant. The character appears to be robotic and hard. It wouldn’t be an SNL spoof without picking fun at her wardrobe. Hinting that Hillary always wears the same thing, Mckinnon takes off her suit jacket revealing the exact same suit jacket under. Although the presidential hopeful may have made some changes to her campaign, we are willing to bet that her vast collection of colorful pants suits will be entering the race once again.
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