Tom Suspended Patriots Fined: Deflate Gate

Breaking: Tom Brady's agent Don Lee says he will appeal the NFL's decision.

The NFL has suspended Patriots Quarterback Tom Brady and fined his team 1-million dollars plus draft picks for reducing the amount of air in team's footballs. This come on the heels of Brady, before a home crowd, delaying his comment on the report because he didn't have enough time to "digest" it.

The NFL's discipline breaks down like this, Brady will be suspended for four games without pay thats 2 million dollars he loses. If an appeal is denied Brady will hit the field in time to play the Indianapolis Colts, the very team that called the small balls out.  The Patriots will have to shell out a million bucks plus lose their number one draft pick of 2016 and their fourth round pick of 2017. Plus those two staffers one of whom called himself, "The Deflator" will be suspended indefinitely.

Just last week the Well's report indicated that, 'it is more probable than not" that Brady knew about the altered footballs.  The report was conducted without the requested Brady cellphone and text messages. But based on the text messages received by the two staffers responsible for letting air out of the balls, John Jastremski and Jim McNally and other evidence provided Well was able to conclude the air pressure was reduced intentionally and who was responsible.

This is the second controversy brought on by the Patriots, the previous was Spygate in 2007 in which the Pats took video of The NY Jet's defensive coaches signal calls to get an upper hand on the gridiron. The team was fined 250k and Coach Bill Belichick shelled out 500k for the violation.

Talking heads speculate that the NFL considered deflategate a second offense by the Pats and that it didn't appreciate that Brady didn't fully cooperate with their investigation by not providing them a good interview and not handing over his phone records.

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