A Tarnished Crown: Miss Zimbabwe's Title Taken

Miss Zimbabwe Emily Kachote has been stripped of her title due to whatsapp nude photos.
The 25year old beauty queen admitted to posing for some nude photographs a long time ago, which have been leaked by an ex, whom she claims to have had no contact with in over a year.
Due to the photographic content the organisers of the Miss World beauty pageant, released a statement saying that Kachote had shown “immoral Behaviour” breaking the rules that contestants must not pose nude, and the Miss Zimbabwe Trust have accused her of careless conduct due to being under the influence of alcohol when the photos were taken.

To win a beauty pageant all contestants must have a honourable record. Participants are asked if they have taken any private or public photos showing nudity.

Emily Kachote is not the first Miss Zimbabwe to be caught striking a provocative pose.  In  2011 Malaika Mushandu and last year contestant Thabiso Phiri who resigned with the same accusations, it must be a Zimbabwean trend. Perhaps Emily should have quietly cat walked off into the distance to avoid shame.

-Wimbo Song

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