Ali Krieger Scores a Spicey Spread in ESPN's Body Issue

Olympic soccer phenome, Ali Krieger posed nude for ESPN Magazine’s Body Issue 2015. Krieger who played all four U.S. world Cup matches in 2015 stripped off her cleats to get personal with the magazine for a July release. A long way from her humble beginnings, Krieger’s willingness to show off her raw and ripped body is giving new meaning to the phrase self-conscious.
In a good way, Krieger is conscious of her “little boy body.” The athlete stated that she has always had big muscles including her quads.
“When I was six or seven, my gymnastics coach looked at my quads and told the other coach to come over to see my quads. They were big then and still are. But I’ve kind of embraced it through the years.”
The 30-year-old from Alexandria, Virginia is not the first female athlete to go nude, she also isn’t the first female athlete to admit to having issues with her body image. Serena Williams, an American tennis player anad one of the world’s greatest female athlete, stated in an interview with Dujour Magazine in 2013 that she has always been “thick.” She also went on to state that she also felt the pressure from society to be thin “but I had to learn how to embrace myself and embrace my curves.

For Ali Krieger, she is definitely embracing what she’s got, in her ESPN spread she even revealed that she thanks her dad for giving her this “little boy body.” In an Instagram post from the photoshoot, Krieger captioned a picture stating:
“It’s important to show your vulnerabilities. I’m proud of my body, I’m proud of my sport, I’m proud of being a female athlete. Being naked is just another aspect of that. It’s real. It’s raw. It’s honest. This is me.”

We are still rooting for the soccer babe, her issue of ESPN’s Body Issue will hit newsstands on July 10.
-Mahogany Waldon
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