America's Next Top Selfie—Tyra Without Makeup

Tyra Banks posted a selfie on Wednesday, and in it she isn't wearing any makeup:

 Basically, Tyra is saying that she looks just like the rest of us do in the morning. By using the hashtag #RawAndReal Tyra shows that most celebrities are regular people and have to receive amazing makeup jobs to make them look as flawless as they appear in the media.

Tyra isn't the only one to go makeup free. Other celebs such as Beyoncé, Megan Fox, Jennifer Lopez, and Miley Cyrus have also gone makeup free in the following selfies:

If this is a new trend, it's a good one. One by one, celebrities have been taking a stand to fight against false beauty standards and excessive photoshopping by saying that in actuality, they 'woke up like this.'

Below, a makeup artist Nikkie De Jager does half of her face in extreme makeup to show that anyone can make an amazing transformation if they want to.

Other artists and celebrities agree that makeup is fun, but not necessary. They say that anyone can wear as much or as little makeup as one desires and shouldn't be judged either way.
-Matre' Grant
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