Beyoncé goes braless and the internet goes wild!

Veganism must be paying off for the 33-year-old pop icon, Beyoncé. In a picture uploaded to her personal website, the diva is baring it all and showing off some major cleavage. Donning stiletto nails, a yellow plaid shirt and a snapback, Miss Third Ward is serving all sorts of sexy and it is driving the internet wild!

So what’s with the ladies of the House of Deron? They keep proving to us that with time, they get better and better. Tina Knowles, mother of Beyoncé and her sister Solange, just posed for Ebony magazine in a super sultry cleavage baring gown, now this! We can barely take any more from the ladies! Of course social media chimed in on Bey’s look. While her usual Bey Hive super fans praised her daring look, many people attempted to slam the mom, yet the Bey hive swarmed in to take down any haters.

From starting her own nutrition service to playing side-kick to Madonna in her new “B* I’m Madonna” music video, Beyoncé seems to be feeling herself and doesn’t mind letting the world know. One to always stand for women’s rights, maybe the star feels is about time that women start flaunting their flaws and all? Despite the cause for the Knowles women to be getting their sexy back, we are absolutely loving it!

-Mahogany Waldon
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