Bobbi Kristina moved to hospice care

The beloved daughter of the late singer Whitney Houston, Bobby Kristina Brown, was moved to hospice care this week after being in a coma for the past five months. The 22-year-old was found unresponsive in a bathtub in January.. The rumors began circulating almost immediately about the cause of her condition. From an attempted suicide, drug overdose to even foul play people seem to just want answers for what happened to Bobbi Kristina, including her family.

Aside from some of the finest medical care at various facilities, Bobbi Kristina’s condition continues to deteriorate. Hospice care patients discontinue treatments and medical officials discontinue to try to care for the patients usually after a long battle with a terminal illness. A lot of finger pointing within the Brown family was directed to Bobbi Kristina’s rumored husband, Nick Gordon.

Gordon is alleged to have been abusing Bobbi Kristina throughout their relationship and stealing money from her. It is rumored that he stole $11,000 from Bobbi Kristina’s bank account while she was in a coma. The Brown and Houston families have publically shown their disdain for Gordon and the Brown family is reportedly suing Nick Gordon for $1 million. Gordon, who appeared on Dr. Phil in March to discuss his relationship with Bobby Kristina and his drug abuse, has not been allowed to have much contact with Bobbi Kristina since her hospitalization.

According to a statement in regards to Bobbi Kristina by her aunt Pat Houston, “She’s in God’s hands now.”

-Mahogany Waldon

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