Breaking: New York prison escapees, one dead one being pursued

Richard Matt, one of the New York prison escapees was shot and killed today by border control tactical unit officers after being on the run with another fugitive David Sweat for three-weeks from a maximum-security facility. An earlier report from CNN stated that the escapees were headed to Canada. According to sources Matt was killed near Malone, New York close to the Canadian border.
The two highly dangerous fugitives, both in prison for murder, have been under police and FBI investigations since they broke from the prison. The two were placed on the FBI’s most wanted list and residents of upstate New York and Vermont were warned to beware of the two. Matt and Sweat were apparently attempting to carjack a camper when the shooting transpired.

According to authorities, two federal prison workers were charged in connection with the escape. A female guard, Joyce Mitchell was rumored to be having a sexual relationship with one of the fugitive’s and was supposed to assist with driving the get-away car but chickened out. Another guard, Gene Palmer is alleged to have helped along with Mitchell with providing tools to the escapees by hiding the tools in hamburger meat.
DNA evidence provided proved that the two broke into a cabin in Mountain View, New York, and became one of the strongest leads in tracking Matt and Sweat. Reports went out that the two might have taken weapons from the cabin. Search parties of more than 1,100 law enforcement officers have been pursuing the fugitives for the past three weeks.
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