Donald Trump 4 Prez 2016

Donald Trump announced that he was running for president on Tuesday morning. His humble, 45-minute long speech had lines like “I'm really rich” and “I'm really proud of my success.” 
 Unsurprisingly, there is already controversy surrounding his campaign. Canadian singer Neil Young claims that Trump did not have permission to use Young's song “Rockin' in the Free World” in his campaign announcement. Trump's use of the song is already questionable to begin with—Young originally penned the lyrics to criticize republican George H.W. Bush's presidency. So, perhaps the billionaire could have chosen better theme music. Chances are, he's already said, “You're fired!” to whoever was responsible for the blunder, unless it was himself.

Comedians are wasting no time making fun of the situation. On Tuesday, Stephen Colbert put on a wig, mocking Trump's announcement by making his own and Jon Stewart mostly just screamed about it for approximately ten minutes yelling, “There's a crazy person running for president!”

Many critics say that this announcement is a publicity stunt to get people to watch the new season of Celebrity Apprentice on NBC in the fall. Back in May, the NY Post published an article with headline: Stop Pretending—Donald Trump is not running for president. The article discussed that Trump had a big announcement coming up in May, but the author of the piece said that this publicity stunt announcement would absolutely not be a presidential one. Oops.

However, the most disappointed faction of Americans so far seem to be the Republicans. If Donald Trump is serious about his intentions to run, he can easily fund his own campaign. This could lead to him appearing in the early debates hosted by Fox News. The debates are usually open to the top ten poll contenders, and Trump will likely make that mark, leaving several candidates like Rick Santorum and Senator Lindsay Graham unable to participate.

Donald Trump allegedly wants Oprah to be his running mate, a fact he told ABC News in his first interview after his announcement. “I think we'd win easily, actually.” Maybe Oprah will get on Hillary Clinton's ticket instead.

Speaking of the other side of the aisle, the Democratic National Committee is apparently thrilled at Trump's decision. After the Tuesday announcement, the DNC national press secretary Holly Shulman stated, “Today, Donald Trump became the second major Republican candidate to announce for president in two days. He adds some much-needed seriousness that has previously been lacking from the GOP field, and we look forward hearing more about his ideas for the nation.”

-Matre' Grant
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