Episode of Scandal or Real Life: A White House Party

It seems like Obama has learned a thing or two from Beyoncé about how to keep late night secrets. The president allegedly threw a party Saturday night for his family and 500 guests. There were reportedly performances by Prince and Stevie Wonder, and the guest list included other celebs like football player Russell Wilson and his date Ciara.

 Members of the white house staff didn't spill the beans to the media when rumors about the party were spread earlier this week. However, some of them were apparently invited alongside politicians like the National Security Advisor Susan Rice, the former Attorney General Eric Holder, and even the Reverend Al Sharpton.

Some of the Obamas, namely Michelle, her mother Marian Robinson, Sasha, and Malia, are heading to the United Kingdom Monday, so most people think that the event was some kind of going-away party. A white house spokesman, John Earnest, who was tight-lipped about the party earlier this week discussed the event a little at Monday's regularly scheduled press briefing. He claimed that the Obamas would be footing the bill for the event. He also said, “The point is that the President and First Lady—and I think most people across the country would acknowledge—that [it] is an appropriate thing for the president and first lady to do, which is to open their house up to guests for a private party on a Saturday night.” 
This late-night event brings to mind the Season 2 episode of Scandal when President Grant and 500 guests were supposed to celebrate the president's birthday with a performance by Stevie Wonder. Although we won't spoil it here, things didn't turn out so well for Grant in that episode.
In real life, Obama's party is coming after some bad news itself. The House Democrats refused to vote for the president's trade bill on Friday, which has been a major blow to him. Barack Obama still has time to get the bill passed, although without the help of his own party, his chances are looking slimmer each day.
However, there's nothing like a secret Saturday night party to alleviate the stress of Congress not passing your bill and your wife and kids going on a trip without you.
 -MatrĂ© Grant

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