Gay marriage legalized in all 50 states

The world as we know it is changing. From advocacy groups petitioning for the removal of the confederate flag to gay marriage being legalized in all 50 states, change has surely come to this great nation. The landmark decision came today from the United States Supreme Court. President Obama, who campaigned for change during his presidential elections has been a strong advocate for gay rights and marriage equality. For the Obama administration and the LGBT community, this news is a major victory.
                Many Americans knew that gay marriage would one day be inevitable but the road to marriage equality has not been easy. From failed court cases including Hollingswoth v. Perry in California which led to an appeal that eventually legalized same-sex marriage in California to even harder battles for marriage equality in southern states like Virginia and Louisiana.  This historic date has been a long time coming for those who have rallied for same-sex marriage.
                When Obama made statements that he supported same-sex marriage last year, many LGBT leaders like Andrew Sullivan were elated. The decision from the Supreme Court is one of legitimacy, equality and fairness.

James Obergefell, a longtime gay rights supporter held up a photo of his late spouse, John outside of the Supreme Court when news of the decision was announced. Obergefell, like others, fought the courts for marriage equality and was the lead plaintiff in the Supreme Court fight. President Obama gave Obergefell a heartfelt congratulatory call while he was still speaking with reporters outside the Supreme Court earlier.

Other couples including Richard Adams and Anthony Sullivan, who were featured in the PBS documentary “Limited Partnership,” who have been fighting for gay rights for nearly 40 years and Robert Povilat and Milton Persinger of Mobile, Alabama who were banned from being wed, are surely rejoicing today.
The court’s 5-4 ruling outlaws the bans on gay marriage that 14 states have in place.  The U.S. joins Ireland who also voted to allow same-sex marriage throughout their nation this year. Google and the White House’s Facebook page have been changed to rainbow flags to honor the decision. The hashtag #SCOTUSMarriage is trending on social media.

-Mahogany Waldon

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