The Queen of Pantsuits and future Presidential Queen has made the internet a better place. That's right: Hillary Clinton joined Instagram on Wednesday. Hillary's new account gained 10,000 followers in its first hour, but now the future POTUS has 105k followers and counting. In case you're wondering what her first picture was, look no further:

Yup, you guessed it: pantsuits. Nice color scheme, Hill! Are you trying to tell us something? The above photo was posted Wednesday with the hilariously self-aware caption, “Hard Choices.” Not only is her first image wonderfully presidential, but the caption is also a subliminal message commanding all U.S. citizens to purchase her book:

Shannon Stapleton / Reuters

See, she actually does wear those outfits. We knew they weren't a prop! Hillary has been known for her pantsuits, which she seems to own in every color. She even inspired this image:

Her fashion faux pas also inspired this April 2015 SNL skit. In it,  Kate McKinnon playing Hillary is receiving advice from her publicist/adviser (Vanessa Bayer) on how to announce her 2016 Candidacy:

“We thought it would be fun if you actually filmed the video yourself, on your own phone. That way it seems more personal and intimate—”

“Aha. Ha. Personal and intimate—I better take off this jacket then.”


Kate McKinnon proceeds to take off her jacket, revealing another one underneath which is exactly the same. Maybe she sleeps in them too.

Despite the hilarious pantsuit situation, some have criticized the media's coverage of Hillary's outfit choices, calling it sexist. However, it's clear that Hillary Clinton is laughing with us. The following shirt sells for $30 on her official merchandise website:

Maybe Hillary will wear her pantsuit t-shirts on the weekend when she chills on the lawn in front of the White House.

-Matré Grant
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