It doesn't matter if you're Black or White

Rachel Dolezal, the civil-rights president of the Spokane, Washington Chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Coloured People (NAACP) has unapologetically resigned after being exposed to be of white origin.

Dolezal claimed to have a black father on her application form to the organization, when in fact she is of Czech and German ethnicity. Her guise was uncovered when her parents came forward and unearthed her secret.

Rachael announced on Spokane NAACP facebook page that she will be stepping aside and passing the baton on, but will not stop fighting for human rights.

Even though it was a very heartfelt statement Dozier is said to have snubbed a student for not being Hispanic enough, the unnamed student stated that Rachael had said “I didn’t look Hispanic, She doubted that I could share experiences of racial or ethnic discrimination because I didn’t have the appearance of looking Hispanic.”

Isn’t that ironic and the pot calling the kettle black, sometimes the things people say and do can comes back to haunt them in Rachael Dozier’s case she was not even African American period.

Rachel Dozier cut herself off from her heritage and chose to become something else although her background suggests that she identified more with black folks due to the fact that she grew up with adopted black siblings, married a black man and had black friends. And in Spokane, the population is made up of only 2% black citizens.

Dozier is the only one that knows the reasons for her actions. It is a struggle for African Americans and that is the whole reason for having an organization that can work in their behalf.

Does it really matter in this world of hypocrisy and rules, statutes where black folk have to fight to have a place? It’s hard being in a world where black lives don’t matter. Where if a black person posed for white there would be major consequences and repercussions to face.

With Obama speaking of reparations, will white folk that have no black blood or heritage come forward and claim their place and take what rightfully belongs to those deserving of what is owed to them?

Rachael Dozier is just the tip of the iceberg.
-Natasha John-Baptiste 
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Unknown said...

Leave her alone yes what she did was wrong but inside her that's what she was and that's what she is and she felt like she's black she stood up for the rights of African Americans protesting sit on boards for the rights of black people and she's living a life as a black person and her kids are black leave her alone she's doing more then those are throwing stones at her leave her alone and let her live her life let her believe what she believe standing up for equality... can I really never paid attention that much but I just now watching this documentary on her on Netflix and I understand the anger to give his woman at break that's how she feels inside she wasn't getting rich doing what she was doing... stop picking on her she was out there fighting for the rights African Americans... what about the gay people people who feel that they are women when they are men and men who feel that they are women when they are men inside act like women act like men dress like men dress like women sex change operation what about that well it's the same with her she hung around blacks and she felt black... leave her alone and let her work and make a living like everybody else

Unknown said...

jefferyparks listen to her story

Unknown said...

I wrote that above I'm not ashamed jefferyparks

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't care she fake her ethnicity. But she also received welfare money. And had lots of money from a book.. so she committed welfare fraud. she was stealing from some of the people she was claming to help.

Anonymous said...

Just another white person trying to fake their race. There's no coon in her.

Rick Sapio said...

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Anonymous said...

She's a fraud. Surely there are better people than her for this.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Being black isn't a "feeling". You either are black or you aren't, you can't 'identify' as a black person on the inside. . . What she did is not only embarrassing it's insulting to the very people she was claiming to be helping. She's a fraud and a clown.

Anonymous said...

Were you drunk when you wrote this? ��

Unknown said...

I am not black either but everybody i hang out with that os tells me i was born in the wrong skin... Im not trying to be nothing im jist a product of my environment...

Leon N Shorts said...

this goes out to the unknown writter. you are quick to say to people leave her alone she trying to live her best life she helping more than the people that are throwing stones. you also feel that as long as she identifies as black and has half black children married to a black man that the should be considered black as well. this all was determined by your opinion because you also are not a black woman but you also hang out with black people and they say that you also seem to be of a black person than other folks. ok this is where i have an issue people think being black is a certian way you talk walk the things you eat the music you listen to the size of your booty are the kinkyness of your hair and the clothes you wear. NEWS FLASH ... Its not.. The things people admire about black people is the black culture and that is wonderful. just like people admire the mexican culture. I am a black man that was raised in a all spanish neighborhood ive never dated a black woman i have 7 baby mamas and 11 kids i grew up in the poorest part of the eastside of Austin TEXAS All my kids except 1 are all half mexican the other is half white. I helped raise my kids and i have full custody of my youngest 4 so dont think that stereotypical bull that black fathers are absent. We vry much here anyway. People called me a blacxican because i speak spanish and hangout with mainly mexican people. I assure everyone that I am proud of my race and i teach my black culture to all my children i try and do the best i can to past down to them their mexican heritage and culture and would probally do a better job at it than their mothers and grandmothers and so forth. honestly i will not disrespect the mexican culture by trying to do more than i am qualified to do i will not. Some people are infatuated with the asian culture. what i have realized over the years is that white people tend to grab ahold of other races cultures because they dont have one of there own. If you are white and feel like you guys do have a culture please educate me i really wanna know.. some say its the cowboy way what foods what type of clothes what is the religion what is the dance the way you bury your dead the way you celebrate birthdays the day your people stood up and said we will not go quietly we are here....The fact is ...white people have no colture thats why its easy for them to find something that looks cool and want to be a part of it. the struggles that my people have been through echo in eternity from slavery to systemic racism black people are targets we always have been targets for music industries targets for professional athletics. the same way colleges and hollywood targets black people so do the goverment and the police. if you have not experienced the targeting or the racial profiling or the driving while black or walking while black you will never understand. try being discriminated on because of your skin color . turned down for jobs you were very qualified for or for a loan that you needed because your black. Because when your young as friends see thst you are getting treated better than they are by the world let see if they still feel the same way towards you when you get thye job they wanted or the loan or any position knowing they didnt get because of the color of their skin. they will see you in a different light. To the anonymous writter i dont even know why your trolling ass is here in the first place talking about coons....your a joke.see thats the only part of white culture that any of us know... the racist part... when people think of white people and their culture you think of the kkk, owning slaves calling black people coons and such having black women cook for them dress their women and raise their kids having hoedowns in the barn no rythem dancing alchol and liquid pharmacutical drug abuse. if this is all yalls culture i wouldnt want to be part of it either id latch on to someth5ing that looked a lot better too... you dude are a joke... LeonimakeufamousShorts signing oouuuuutttt.

Anonymous said...

Only a white person could feel that entitled.


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