Jay Rock's “Money Trees Deuce” sans Kendrick Lamar

Following the success of the 2012 song, “Money Trees” Jay Rock has released its sequel, “Money Trees Deuce” as the second promotional single for his new album. But this time, the song does not include Kendrick Lamar.

Back in 2012, “Money Trees” somehow became famous without being officially released as a single. Perhaps it was because almost every line ended with the slang term “ya bish” or because of the catchy phrase “It go Halle Berry or hallelujah.” Perhaps the song's popularity soared because its chorus claims: “Everybody gon' respect the shooter/But the one in front of the gun lives forever.” This line remains timeless and is one that is still relevant, resonating with listeners everywhere.

  Kendrick Lamar and Jay Rock performing the song at Viceland in 2013
As mentioned before, the new song fails to include our new rapper fave, Kendrick Lamar, but the song does hit on the same themes from its prequel. It ends on a positive note, with a plain-spoken outro: “Yeah, on this journey we call life, its always gonna be obstacles, road blocks, things tryna hold you back. Just keep pushin, don't let that stop you. Never give up, stay chasin' money trees.” Time will only tell if Jay Rock's 'money trees' will thrive as a result of his latest release. His untitled album will be out later this year.
-Matre' Grant
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