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Jennifer Hudson stands up for the LGBT in her fierce new video, “I Still Love You.” The video portrays the life of a gay man embracing his lifestyle by marrying his partner. While he is choosing to live the life he was meant to live, his father has a hard time accepting and letting go. By looking at old birthday cards, and athletic awards, it safe to say that the he misses his son. The father ends up making a last minute decision to be there for his son at the wedding ceremony. What a perfect time to release a video like this, Jennifer. It teaches us to celebrate our true selves and be judgement free towards others.

Jennifer Hudson’s tribute to the LGBT community is one of many that artists have made in the music industry. It wasn’t that long ago when Macklemore and Ryan Lewis came out with “Same Love,” which highlights the issues that gays and lesbians encounter on a daily basis. After the song hit the 56th Annual Grammy Awards’ stage, viewers all over the world were moved by the history that took place. Queen Latifah married 33 gay and straight couples during Macklemore’s performance that night. This was a powerful way to show equality towards the LGBT community.
Every audience member was wiping away tears by the end of the ceremony. Wow!


Artists like Jennifer Hudson, Macklemore, and Ryan Lewis want their fans to understand that love should be practiced regardless of our race, gender, and sexual preference. This concept goes hand in hand with Bruce Jenner’s recent transformation to Caitlyn Jenner. Even though the Kardashian and Jenner family said their goodbyes to a phenomenal man, they are now embracing Caitlyn with love and acceptance. Members of the family did not hesitate to publicly admire her bravery during this process. They got your back, Caitlyn!
-Alexandria Moreland

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