Perry Proves Her Innocence?

Katy Perry did not write 1984 but the feud still continues

Is Aphrodite beating a dead dark horse because America's sweetheart isn't exactly offering any apple pie? Well, the two aren't showing each other any love and haven't for quite some time. Once so called good friends Katy Perry and Taylor swift rift continues and these pop royalty prima donnas prove to never ever be getting back together.

1984 is a song written by a producer named Andreas Carlsson that was registered in September 2014. With BMI, It was claimed to be a response to Swifts piercing new single. However, Carlsson states that Perry did not write, sing or record the track.

Regardless of her producer registering the song, could the writers have known about the bad blood between the singers and have written a song for Perry with the intention to light a few fireworks, ignite tension, and spark speculation around an already explosive situation.

Can Swift and Perry shake off the hot n cold feelings that are felt between them? Once Allies they have slowly declined into trying to sabotage tours, writing back biting songs, and tweeting about each other.

When you're hot in Hollywood, friends become frenemies and sweetness can turn bitter in an instant. The lime light can't get any greener when daunting divas vie for melodic monarchy. Can the girls kiss and make up and like each other again? Or will this simply become another album of bad breakups?
-Natasha John-Baptiste

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