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Hollywood’s newest accessory seems to be the post-baby bodies some of our favorite celebs have been sporting. Moms from Carrie Underwood to the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton have had the best month ever after being spotted with snatched abs and toned legs! These moms, along with others, have been working hard for their money and their killer post-baby figures.
For instance, can we take a moment to gawk at the “hip don’t lie” singer Shakira? For the 38-year-old mom of two, getting back in shape has been a top priority. According to her Instagram, the Latin sensation has been getting her groove back with celebrity dance fitness trainer, Anna Kaiser. Clad in a crop top and leggings, Ms. Shakira, Shakira is proving that at six months post baby, she is still muy caliente!
Shakira also seemed to have a glamorous pregnancy, she often posted several pictures of her adorable baby bump. According to her trainer, who also helped the Colombian pop star during her first pregnancy, Shakira had been coming to her studio up to five times some weeks and has made a lot of changes to her diet and workout regimen. We can’t wait to see what’s next for Shakira, maybe a new music video?

Although some celeb moms seem to bounce right back after baby, some know that the road back to glamour can be a stretch. For Duchess Kate Middleton (the most amazing thing we’ve seen happen to the Royal Family in ages) pregnancy can be the opposite of a spot of tea. Our favorite fashionista across the pond, famous for her pristine fascinators and skirt sets, suffers from hyperemesis gravidarium. The illness is a severe form of morning sickness that causes extreme vomiting and can lead to dehydration. While pregnant with Prince George, the mommy-to-be was hospitalized in December 2012 and during both pregnancies, Lady Kate has had to cancel numerous public appearances. Yet six weeks after giving birth, Kate was photographed celebrating the birthday of Queen Elizabeth as well as taking Prince George on a mommy-son date in the park. Sporting skinny jeans and a navy and cream shirt, the Duchess looked amazing!
Whether rocking their hips or having a royally sweet and quaint outing, celebrity moms know the highs and lows of pregnancy. Despite possible swollen feet and morning sickness, these moms have bounced back looking better than ever in their post-baby bods! Peanut butter and pickle sandwiches anyone?
-Mahogany Waldon



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