Kim doesn't go solo on fertility Issues

         As if the news out of the House of Kardashian couldn’t get any more exciting, Kim Kardashian announces that she is pregnant with baby number two! The news broke on this week’s episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashian’s. For fans and haters of the Kardashian clan alike, the news is still terrific!
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          Kim, who has struggled with fertility issues, is not one to shy away from letting the world know of her journey.  According to E!, Kim has been very adamant about getting pregnant and growing her family with her hip-hop husband, Kanye West. 
          Kim Kardashian is not the only star who has gone on record to discuss their fertility problems. Both Sarah Jessica Parker and Nicole Kidman let us in on their lives and their use of surrogates to have their children. Host of “The Talk” Aisha Tyler broke down in tears in 2013 after discussing her 2 year attempt to conceive.  On her show,  she revealed she and her husband Jeff Tietjens opted out of the tortuous treatments and instead vowed to be happy without children. 
         Now that 34 year old soon to mom again is preggers the world is going crazy about the idea of  little North West being a big sister. Some people have taken to social media to criticize Kim’s announcement using the age old Kardashian “in-it-for-the-fame” argument. The Kardashian’s are known for doing it big especially for the cameras. From Kim’s Paper magazine spread that broke the internet to her elaborate Italian wedding in May 2014, it seems to some that the Kardashian’s live for publicity. Despite the mixed views, the news on Kim’s new baby is sure to make us once again Keep up with the Kardashian’s.
-Mahogany W.

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