UPDATE: Arrest of Latest Viral Witness Courtney Barnes

This isn't the first time we've seen Courtney Barnes, do you remember him on So you think You can Dance?

On June 8th, a terrifying traffic accident took place in Jackson, MS, but what the world remembers most is the green-haired witness that gave an...interesting account of what occurred. The Jackson news station, WLBT, uploaded this “MUST SEE VIDEO” on its website, but it didn't go viral until it was later posted on Facebook this Wednesday.

After the video went viral, it didn't take the internet long to figure out that Courtney had appeared on TV before. The viral superstar auditioned for Season 11 of So You Think You Can Dance in the summer of 2014.

Sans the crazy amazing eyebrows and green hair, Courtney dances spectacularly and even throws in a hilarious impression of Wendy Williams in the following video:

Unfortunately, because of all this attention many Mississippi stores are coming forward to say that they knew this beautiful green-haired monster looked familiar. According to WLBT, Courtney is apparently wanted for shoplifting and has accrued $1600 worth of fines in the state of Mississippi, mainly for traffic violations. Courtney is now in police custody.

 Courtney posing in a Vans brand hat, allegedly stolen from Swell-O-Phonic in Fondren, MS

So, is there any good news? It turns out that the unnamed cop in the car accident that Courtney described didn't “tap out” despite his earlier critical condition. On Monday, the patrol officer's vehicle was struck by a van that was being pursued by another officer from Jackson State University. WLBT reports that the patrol officer, whose head shattered the front window of his cruiser when his car hit a pole, will be released soon.

WLBT promises more information on Courtney later. In the meantime, maybe YouTube user “schmoyoho” will be inspired and make another viral song similar to the “Bedroom Intruder” hit from 2010.
-MatrĂ© Grant  
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