Less Weight, More Drama


Wow, check out Abby Lee Miller! The Dance Moms reality star has dropped 8 sizes. She looks great, but what are her reasons behind the significant weight loss? When Abby opened up to People Magazine about how she shed those pounds, she shared that it had nothing to do with dieting and exercising. In fact, she admitted to doing neither. The most recent season of Dance Moms was not a walk in the park for Abby. Perhaps it was all of the drama on the dance floor that was stressing her out, causing her to worry more and eat less.


To refresh your memory, Season 4 of Dance Moms highlighted some major turning points in Abby’s life. She also told People Magazine that she was diagnosed with diabetes back in February 2014. This was around the same time she said her goodbyes to her beloved mother, who lost her battle to colon cancer. 

Losing your mother, having unhealthy relationships with your students, and fighting off nagging moms can play a huge part in the way you manage your daily routines. It’s no secret that the stress that comes with running a dance studio played a huge role in Abby’s weight loss.


people.pngLet’s fast forward to 2015, Season 5. As if one studio isn’t enough to handle. Abby Lee and the girls have been preparing for their big move to Los Angeles. While dealing with the pressures of leaving her Pittsburgh studio behind, flames have sparked between Abby and Holly Frazier, the mother of Nia. Ever since Season 1, Holly has been known for her peaceful energy and constant effort to avoid the drama at all costs...Not this time around, enough is enough. Holly went to war for her daughter this season. Nia was never treated fairly and got the recognition she deserved. During one of her confessionals she stated, “It’s vicious at times, and sometimes I don’t think Abby realizes... the way she says things and how hurtful those words are.” The moms had a difficult time coping with the new Holly. Maybe they were just intimidated by her ability to stand her ground against the unfair rules of the studio. Is Abby the cause of her own stressful environments? That’s up to you to decide. At least we can celebrate one positive outcome from this season of hell... You look great, Abby.

- Alexandria Moreland

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