Lorde caught hanging out with buddy Taylor Swift’s nemesis

Photo credit: Ellie Goulding Instagram
                The saga continues and it’s sure to be a royal mess! Singer Lorde was pictured partying with her buddy Taylor Swift’s ex- BFF Katy Perry over the weekend. The fallout between Taylor and Katy is no secret. Although Taylor hasn’t commented on the photo that surfaced on Instagram, the bad blood is sure to be boiling.
                The picture, posted by fellow starlet Ellie Goulding, appears harmless at the surface yet for those familiar with the gal pals, the photo raises an awkward eyebrow. Taylor is known to have a barrage of famous besties, but at the height of her beef with Katy Perry, anyone spotted with the “California Girl” singer is just asking to add fuel to the fire. The origins of the beef are deeply rooted in a friendship gone sour. Apparently the two were friends for years, but the friendship went downhill when Taylor’s backup dancers left her Red tour to perform with Katy Perry. While speaking to Rolling Stone, Taylor stated that the singer “basically tried to sabotage an entire arena tour.” Sheesh Katy! Yea, you did kind of went Suge Knight on ya homegirl: come to death row! The two also shared an off-and-on again relationship with singer John Mayer.
                Taylor, who is not one to sneak-diss openly clapped back at John’s shady ways on her song “Dear John.” The tragic ballad left John Mayer teary-eyed and “humiliated” according to an interview he did with Rolling Stone. As if the drama couldn’t get any worse, John is supposedly teaming up with Katy Perry with a response to Taylor’s “Bad Blood.” The song is rumored to be a diss-track on Katy’s upcoming album. Taylor debuted “Bad Blood” at this year’s Billboard Music Awards, the same awards that John Mayer told Katy not to attend to avoid running into her nemesis, Taylor.
                At this point, both songstresses are ready for war and the blood has been drawn! As for Lorde, she just seems to be caught between two friends. Lorde hasn’t made any statements regarding her friendship between the two or the picture. Despite any hopes for reconciliation, it seems that the bad blood is thickening and for those caught in the middle, it’s a royal pain.

-Mahogany Waldon

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