Madonna’s got a taste of Bad Blood in her new music video

The bad blood epidemic has begun and Madonna is the latest victim! The new Hollywood trend of fitting an A-list of cameos into one video has struck again, this time in the form of Madonna’s new “B*&%$, I’m Madonna” video. The news was released on Madonna’s Instagram on Monday.

The material girl has partnered with pop divas Beyonce, Nicki Minaj, Miley Cyrus, Rita Ora, and Katy Perry. Sorry Taylor Swift, but these bad mouthed babes might give your superhero themed video for “Bad Blood” a run for its money! Is it just us or are you all curious as to how T. Swizzle feels about her nemesis Katy Perry being featured in this video? Not to mention Rita Ora is her boo Calvin Harris’s ex. Clad in booty shorts, a sneak-peak of the video displays a woman (who may be Madonna) gyrating on a wall and twerking next to her 3-D silhouette. We love Madonna, but hasn’t she learned yet that the majority of the world feels uncomfortable when she gets too risqué? On a lighter note, the video, which also includes a surprise cameo from Kanye West, was released on Tidal this morning. Head on over and tell us your thoughts!

For 56-year-old Madonna, the previews for the new sexy video plus some of her recent not so sexy moments this year (recall Drake’s reaction to her on-stage kiss) prove that she is far from being like a virgin! We’re hoping that the new single will give the mother, fashion designer and mogul the juice that she needs to once again make music history. If bad blood is the cure, we’ll hold off on finding an antidote till later.

-Mahogany Waldon
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