North West goes to Disneyland

The sweet 2 year old tot spent her birthday at Disneyland with her father Kanye West, mother Kim and the rest of the Kardashian family.

Sporting a mini mouse outfit, and the same fluffy mouse ears as her mom, Nori had a lot of fun and enjoyed a carousel ride with her cousins and then went on to have a party with lunch and a cake. There were balloons and decorations that spelt the tots name.

During the day, North seemed to have a few meltdowns but nothing her parents could not handle. She had to be comforted by both her parents at one point while throwing a tantrum. Her dad to sat down with her on a mini tractor holding a wand in his hand creating a priceless moment.

 Overall the whole family had a wonderful day at Disneyland, they had escorts and special passes that allowed them to the front of all queues. Monday June 15th will definitely be a day that will go down in the Kardashian's book of memories.

-Natasha John-Baptiste
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