Rachel Dolezal speaks out on the Today Show with Matt Lauer

Rachael Dolezal has broken her silence. The ex-president of the Spokane, Washington chapter of the  NAACP has spoken to Matt Lauer in a ten minute interview.

Dolezal gave the reasons as to why she identified with being black. Even though her birthright is from a Caucasian background she has seen herself as black from the age of 5.

Although she initially referred to herself as trans racial, meaning to be between two or more racial groups and then Bi-Racial, Rachel Dolezal does not even fit into any of these categories.

Matt Lauer asked Dolezal if she was African American she replied, “I identify as being black.”
When showed a picture of herself at the age of 16 she stated that at that time she was "white.' She then went on to say she did not understand why her parents were whitewashing her work.

Rachael Dolezal has indeed deceived a whole organization but on the other hand why did the NAACP choose her to head their organization in the first place? Surely someone that African American people could identify with such as Naima Quarles-Burnley, the interim president of the Spokane chapter, who looks black, would have been better?

Does the African American community have a stigma that having lighter skin will give one better chances in society? There is partiality and biases in everything. Will Dolezal be held accountable? That has yet to be seen.

-Natasha John-Baptiste
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