Raven Symone Joins ABC’s The View

On today’s episode of The View, Whoopi Goldberg announced that actress Raven Symone would be joining the show as a co-panelist. The former child star was a regular in the hit sitcom “The Cosby Show” and the Disney series “That’s So Raven.” According to Barbara Walters, the show’s executive producer, Raven brings a “unique perspective to the show.”
                For the 29-year-old Raven though her perspective on various issues have received major backlash. In October of last year, Raven was criticized for saying in an interview with Oprah’s Where Are They Now that
 “I’m not African American, I’m American.”
The comment was backed up by the actress when she then said that she is from “Louisiana and not Africa.” Raven also went on to say that She “does not want to be labeled as gay” but as a human. Twitter erupted after the comments aired. One tweet from @_Holysmokes stated:
“Raven Symone has been the face of Black families her whole life and now she don’t wanna be labeled?

                Despite the negative backlash, Raven has made several TV appearances since her interview. Adding to her accolades, Raven has made over 30 appearances on The View. The show, which has seen 18 seasons, is no stranger to controversy. During a December episode last year, The View veteran Whoopi Goldberg, got into a heated argument with her former co-panelist, Rosie O’Donnell, about race. Rosie O’Donnell also rubbed fellow panelist, Rosie Perez, the wrong way on more than one occasion. Rosie O’’Donnelll also said that, Rosie Perez, was the reason for low ratings on the show due to her “annoying voice.”

With the show reaching some of its lowest viewings, many seem to be hoping that Raven, the once sassy little Olivia from the Cosby Show, will revamp the ratings. Raven’s daily appearances are intended to begin immediately. Despite the backlash for her views, Raven may be right at home on The View.
     -Mahogany Waldon
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