Rowling With The Punches & Flaunting a New Gem

The U.S. may get its very own Hogwarts
Mystical mavens and literature lovers clinch your cloaks and mount your broomsticks because you're going for a spin. The fiction phenom of the Harry potter series, J.K. Rowling, seems to be harboring her own chamber of secrets from her fans. Last week, the British writer unveiled that she will indeed be conjuring up an American version of the school of wizardry: Hogwarts.  This whimsical world of wizard craft will cast its debut in the new Potter spinoff, “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.”
 So far, fans know that “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” will be based in 1930s New York City long before the life of Potter. Hogwart hopefuls rejoiced in learning that the main character of the spinoff will be played by Eddie Redmayne. With all the elements for a perfect potion, fans pressured the 49-year-old for answers in regards to her subliminal reveal.
J.K. Rowling is no stranger to putting Twitter in an uproar. Late last month, Rowling took to Twitter and literary shut down one of the most famous groups of haters in history. That’s right: The Westboro Baptist Church. After trying to insult Rowling over an issue of gay marriage, Rowling clapped back against the church in the most epic fashion ever. As Rowling and fans joked about Hogwart’s professor Dumbledore (whom Rowling confirmed as gay) and Gandalf (wizard from J.R.R. Tolkein’s novel The Hobbit) getting married, the controversial and tacky WBC had words for the author. They tweeted:
“so @Jkrowling wants Dumbledore & Gandalf to marry in Ireland; if it happens WBC will picket!”
The tweet prompted this response from Rowling:
“Alas, the sheer awesomeness of such a union in such a place would blow your tiny bigoted minds out of your thick sloping skulls.”
Way to Rowl with the punches!
Whether revealing secrets or clapping back on twitter, J.K. Rowling is definitely  TMB's cup of tea ! As far as a wizard institute across the pond, we can only hope that some of Hogwart’s magic will rub off on the school. “Fantastic Beast and Where to Find Them” is set for a Fall 2016 release. The Sorcerer's  Stone may have been a fan favorite, but this rare new gem could be just what potter fanatics have been longing for.
-Mahogany Waldon
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